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Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP)

It’s time to combine the technology of today with the traditions of good

business practice and VoIP is how ME Systems does that for our clients every day.

Voice over IP from ME Systems

Let’s face it, the phone may be the most powerful business tool in your office, but until you apply 21st century technology to it, you’ve never ring all the performance out of it. Now, with the power of your network connection, you can create a truly all-encompassing tool that can make you more efficient, save you time, and allow you to transfer seamlessly from platform to platform and call to call.

That’s the ME Systems promise – to provide all of our clients with the connectivity that today’s business needs with more flexibility and tools than ever before.

The most powerful of all of those is Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), which moves phone communications to a network connection, allowing you to access communication services from anywhere. At ME Systems, we’ve perfected the VoIP platform for business in South Africa with our critical understanding of infrastructure to give our clients the chance to upgrade from the last century to this one and deploy the voice technology of the future – VoIP.

In one simple installation, our clients are able to step into truly integrated technology that works just like they do. Improved line quality, lower costs, easier management, and unlimited ways to connect with clients and customers – A VoIP system is far more than just a voice call and as experts in design and deployment of VoIP platforms, ME Systems can show you how the cutting edge can create more selling opportunities for your business.

Here’s why your business needs VoIP

  • Get rid of those pesky Fixed Lines

    Yes, trade in those traditional landlines for next generation lines that work over the Internet!

  • Add and Remove capacity at the flick of a switch

    Add more lines and calling channels quickly and easily. Just increase your internet and activate them!

  • Automatic Fail-over capabilities

    So good you’ll think it’s a magic trick. If anything happens to your office building we’ll send all your calls to another number, instantly!

  • See how your Productivity and Efficiency increases

    By using VoIP technology we’re able to keep your staff connected from whichever device they’re available on, even when outside the office!

  • Cut your Telecommunications expenses drastically!

    By migrating to VoIP you’ll get discounted call rates to all networks, and also pay less than you would be those old physical telephone lines!

  • Keep your customers loyal and happy!

    We’ll ensure that customers are connected to the correct branch or department and that the answering party has all the client info on hand!

  • Rock solid Future Proof solutions for your business!

    VoIP keeps your business at the pinnacle of technology, but also provides the ultimate investment protection because of its versatility!

  • Keeping you, your branches and your customers connected

    Voice over IP allows you to move around, use a host of different devices, and look and function like a single system. The end result – you remain contactable!

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